Terry Lanson

Managing Director

Seer Capital

Terry Lanson is a Managing Director at Seer Capital Management. He is responsible for the management of Seer’s investments in bank regulatory capital relief transactions, as well as other European investments. Seer has been an active investor in reg cap transactions across asset classes and jurisdictions since 2008. Mr Lanson joined Seer shortly after its inception in 2008 from Citigroup in London, where he spent two years. He spent the previous 9 years at Deutsche Bank in New York and London, where he was part of the team responsible for Deutsche’s market-leading balance sheet securitization/reg cap program. He worked on transactions including Haus, Core, Cast, Craft, Gate, and London Wall for Deutsche, as well as the first Start deal for Standard Chartered. He also structured and executed some of the first securitizations in the European markets for auto loans, trade receivables, and Pan-European corporate bonds. Mr Lanson holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard College.